Dogs Helping Kids - Attending Dog Teasel

Dogs Helping Kids is a unique charity with it's headquarters based in North Devon, England.

We are one of the only organisations in the country training and assessing dogs purely to work in the school, college, and library environment as both educational and therapeutic aids.

We are evolving and growing all the time. The impact our School Dogs have on children and teenagers in the educational environment is amazing and changes lives forever. It is our vision to have a DHK School Dog working in every school, college and library across the country.

Dogs Helping Kids believes that a dog should only be working with a child or teenager, in an educational environment, if it has been trained, assessed and certified to do so. Each one of our Certified DHK School Dogs has had to complete a two year training programme, pass 6 increasingly difficult assessments, and once Certified, undergo an annual assessment. This is for the safety of the children, the staff, the School Dog owner and the School Dog. Please, never allow a dog in your school or library if it has not been assessed with children or trained for the task it is there to perform – you must insist in seeing proof that this has been undertaken.

Teasel lives at home with the headteacher – Mrs Sarah Stevens, her husband Tony and their three children, James, Charles and Rosie. Teasel loves spending time with all the family but particularly likes to spend time training and having fun with Rosie. His favourite pastime is chasing and playing with a ball and he really loves a good woodland especially if there are rabbits about! He was one of nine puppies and the smallest in the litter, hence the name Tiny Teasel.

St Nicholas school has its own attending dog


Tiny Teasel (Teasel) - Black Labrador
Born 29th February 2016

St Nicholas C of E Primary School and Nursery,
Stevenage, Hertfordshire, UK

As a headteacher and SENCO Sarah had heard about the work of dogs in supporting children with autism and also helping reluctant readers and researched the ways this could be achieved. When she found DHK it just seemed right for everyone. The charity protects the welfare of the animal, the rights of the child and keeps everyone safe whilst getting great outcomes. When she went to look at Teasel she very much was looking for a dog with whom she could create a great bond and who may just be suitable for this wonderful program.

Teasel is currently in school with Sarah and shares her office, but he has his own woodland to play in at school and the children have a dog blog where they can ask questions and find out more about him. He is currently working with five children with autism or ADHD to help them communicate and build self esteem. We hope he continues to have a massive impact on everyone he works with.



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